Can I return my items?

We offer returns or exchanges within 30 days of purchase. Items must be unworn. Customers are responsible for shipping and providing tracking information. Please email info@dominiqueranieri.com with return/exchange requests. 

When will I receive my order?

Orders are shipped out anywhere between 1-4 weeks. Many pieces are made to order, so we appreciate your patience. If you need an order expedited, please email info@dominiqueranieri.com

How do I keep my jewelry from tarnishing?

Your piece is made out of non chemically-treated metal which naturally (over time) oxidizes--or changes color. This oxidation is more commonly known as “tarnish.” If you like the worn-in look, keep it! If not, fret not! Here are some tips to prevent tarnish and restore your jewelry’s original bright, shiny finish!

  1. Take off your jewelry when you are washing your hands, showering, swimming, or when you’re sweating or in very humid conditions.
  2. Store your jewelry in a dry space when not in use.
  3. Use a polishing cloth every once in awhile (I love Sunshine Cloths that you can find on amazon).
  4. You can purchase silver or brass polish from any grocery store-just follow the directions on the bottle.
  5. You can wash your jewelry with a little piece of scotch guard, hot water, and dish soap.

Why does brass turn my finger green? 

Some people may have a reaction to brass and/or copper jewelry. This is due to the oils in your skin and environmental factors. Avoid wearing your jewelry in humid conditions, and take it off when washing your hands and showering. Painting a coat of clear nail polish on the inside of your ring helps to prevent a reaction on your skin, as well.

Do you make custom pieces?

We LOVE custom pieces. Please email info@dominiqueranieri.com with inquiries and inspiration.